Vampire: The Masqeurade Bloodhunt // Game Logotype
Vampire: The Masqeurade Bloodhunt // Game Logotype

I had the amazing opportunity to work on the logotype design of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt, which is a battle royale set to release in 2022 by Swedish developer Sharkmob.

The logo design was an elaborate team work that started with a lot of research in typography, competitor landscape, colors and moods. Alongside sketching the logo, I also worked on the look and feel of the brand style guide itself with a lot of key stakeholders at Sharkmob.

The logo takes inspiration from the mood in Prague where the game is set. The rain that keeps falling and the verticality of the city itself are pictured in long distorted lines along the typography. The little sharp edges here and there symbolize the vampire fangs. The condensed typography looks to the modern city.

Thank you for the amazing opportunity and for all the feedback sessions;
Studio Art Director: Rodrigo Cortez
Art Director Bloodhunt: Erik Nilsson
Marketing Director Bloodhunt: André Persson with his team
Creative Services Team Lead: Henrik Bohman Jertfelt
Lead UI-Designer: Emil Eriksson
UI-Designer: Jakob Koc
Junior UI-Artist: Timothy Karlsson
Game Developer: Henrik Giang
Lead Character Artists: Simon Alenius and Roman Mindek
(Let me know if I forgot your name).

Screen shot by the Creative Services Team. Credits should also go to the designer who polished the logo after me at Sharkmob and Key Art by Marek Okon.


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